Best Places To Take Photographs In Flagstaff, AZ

If you like to photograph the beauty of nature in her seasons the fall is the best time of year to get great snapshots of the changing colors in Flagstaff. The fall foliage in the months of October and September are a kaleidoscope of vibrant yellows, oranges and various shades of red.

Fern Mountain affords a 360degree view of the surrounding area. Looking at it through the lens of a camera gives you a new appreciation for its majestic splendor. It is somewhat hidden but once you find the trail head the rest is a shutterbugs haven. You can find all natures smallest creatures busily preparing for the coming winter. If you are still and quiet you can get magnificent photographs of all the flora and fauna this area has to offer.

You can find authentic adobe pueblo home near Old Caves, Pueblo. There is also an excellent chance to get a great shot of the Black Swallowtail, Butterfly. It is worth the hike to get a glimpse of one of these beauties. Photographs of the Barringer meteor crater are always interesting. It seems no two is ever the same. Perhaps no two photographers view the site in exactly the same way.

Monument Valley has some of the most photograph faces in the world. There will also be a great deal to photograph at sunset as the light plays throughout the valley. The shades and contrast are striking. Just east of Flagstaff there is the famed Petrified Forest. The ages old tress, fossils and natural formation will make an interesting subject for any photographer.

The Hubbell Trading Post is a nice place to take a break and also take photographs of one of a historical relic that is still being used for its original purposes. You can also get great photographs on the Navajo lands. There are tourist attractions that recreate the lives of the Navajo from years gone by. Antelope Canyon is just such a place. It is a beautiful almost surreal location and sits on Navajo land. Be careful traveling through here, leave it the way you found it for the next set of photographers.

Photography is an art that allows you to see the world through the mind of the person taking the pictures. You can find an interesting subject to photograph of at almost anytime. Most people who come to Flagstaff on photography missions keep their cameras ready always. You never know when that perfect shot will present itself.

Source by Rick Valence