Buying A Freefly Suit As A First Skydiving Suit

If you’re new to skydiving, you have probably noticed the huge range of skydiving gear out there. There are all sorts of suits, add-ons and other equipment that you can buy to enhance your skydiving experience. But don’t let that scare you. Right now, all you have to think about is enjoying the ride. And why wouldn’t you? Skydiving is one of the ultimate extreme sports and it’s easy to get hooked. When you do catch the bug, you’ll probably want to buy your very own skydiving suit. It’s a wise decision, but don’t get spooked by the choices out there.

Most people who are new to skydiving choose a freefly suit as their first suit. These suits are ideal first skydiving suits because they’re so versatile. A freefly suit is designed to slow your fall rate and give you a silky smooth ride. A beginning skydiver can use it while deciding which discipline they want to specialise in. Until you decide to specialise, with the addition of mini grippers, your freefly suit will meet all your skydiving needs. After you specialise, your suit can even be used as a camera suit, so it’s a great all round first suit for many reasons. All freefly suits don’t look the same though. You can choose from a range of colours and styles and can have a tight, regular or loose fitting suit, depending on your needs.

When choosing your freefly suit, it’s important to keep a few simple facts in mind. Remember to buy something that is all about quality – and by that I mean all round quality – build, construction, overall fit and materials. A suit needs to fit well, protect you from the cold, look good and work well in the sky. Because it’s such a versatile suit, spending money on a quality suit is something you’ll never regret.

Most companies that sell skydiving equipment sell customised and made to measure suits of all descriptions and that’s what you should consider when buying your first skydiving suit. It is still surprisingly cost efficient to buy a suit that is made especially for your body and your requirements. Any additional expense will be far outweighed by the comfort factor involved in a made to measure suit as opposed to one you can just buy off the rack.

And if you’re customising your freefly suit you can choose a colour you really love – especially something bright that’s easy to see when you’re high up in the sky! That way all those ground hogs will be able to spot you having the time of your life.

Source by Liam Dunne