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5 Fun Corporate Event Ideas Mixing Work and Play

You know what they say about ‘all work and no play’… it doesn’t only make Jack a dull boy, but it can really sap your team’s productivity, motivation and morale. We all need to balance positivity with purpose, and when your staff’s interpersonal relationships consist only of work there are no good memories to carry them through the hard times. These are the answer – however, catering to all tastes in your planning can be difficult. Today we check out 5 fun, unusual that can really help knit that team tightly together!

1. Secret Agent Adventure

This very neat idea for a corporate event consists of running around your major city pretending to be Nicole Kidman and George Clooney… or perhaps Liv Tyler and Bruce Willis! Your team receives a dossier, containing the mission detail, maps, travel tickets, and a digital camera. The smaller teams will need to run around the city… plenty of talking points in this corporate event!

2. Drumming workshops

These have become quite popular in the past few years. Drumming workshops are a great way to get a lot of people involved, and are far more directed towards team building than some other events. Workmates learn to work in synergy. There’s a selection of percussion instruments and people will need to work together to transport and set up the experience also.

3. Go karting

Go karts are a great driving equalizer in – even very experienced drivers are thrown off by their different weighting, and the feeling of zipping around at 40 – 75 km/h with their bottom only inches from the ground! You should be able to choose among differently powered karts- people can select their power range at the beginning, determining how fast and furious the event turns out to be! Many go kart tracks have specialised programs including catering and friendly competition formats. Try to have your team keep the jokes about both male and female drivers to a minimum when trying to build team spirit… or at least keep the volume down on them!

4. Team cooking events

No, not just cooking classes… team cooking events! The name of this corporate event is not just for marketing purposes, it actually is a very team oriented event. There are no leaders and no followers in team cooking, there are no special skills required, no cancellations over wet weather… and best of all, you get to eat everything you make!

5. Circus Skills Workshops

If you have team mostly filled with people that are willing to have a go… a circus skills corporate event will be talked about and remembered for many years to come! They cost just over $100 per person, so are comparable to the ‘Secret Agent Adventures’, although quite a bit more than corporate events like go karting. There are plenty of activities even for people who are worried about coming home in one piece – juggling, hula hoops and diablo sticks are far less scary than learning skills like forming a human pyramid!

Source by Mathew Striger

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