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Numerology And Astrology – Do They Really Work?


Numerology and astrology are two different methods of measuring the flow of energy within the world. While both systems are relatively separate from each other, they really match up perfectly. Numerology is commonly seen as more scientific than an art, in the sense that it requires calculations to accurately determine where your birth place falls on the earth’s surface. In the study of astrology, it involves studying the planets, stars, and celestial bodies to determine which signs or celestial bodies align with certain traits and characteristics. This makes a perfect match between numerology and astrology.

Two types of astrology

The study of these two types of astrology can give you a numerical value based on the position of the planets, stars, and celestial bodies that will give you a prediction about your future. Numerology has a lot to do with your past, and it will also use the present to predict what is coming in the future. For instance, a person born in the sign of Leo will most likely have an upward mobility or will reach a high position in society through hard work. On the other hand, people born under the sign of Virgo will most likely find it difficult to attain the status they desire because they are prone to become easily discouraged.

Many individuals take astrological readings in order to determine their career path and make a change in it. Others use this method to identify the best opportunities in their current business or career. However, astrologers believe that life’s true purpose lies in your relationships and how you deal with them.

Aid in your personal growth

Numerology and astrology are two completely different methods of knowing who will be born next. You need to understand how this method works before you can begin to use it as an aid in your personal growth. The numbers of these two systems can also be used to determine the location and time of birth. Both numerology and astrology can show you things that you may not know about yourself, and when combined, can prove very useful in helping you figure out your destiny.

Numerology can help you determine which of the numbers corresponds with which astrological sign, and which are not related to the astrological sign. As for example, if you have an Aries on your horoscope, you should determine if it means that you will be successful, wealthy, rich, or intelligent. This may be shown by the number of people in your social circle. If you have a Taurus on your horoscope, you may determine that you are not happy, passionate, outgoing, or ambitious.

numerology and astrology

When you are reading a numerology chart, the process is relatively simple. You will be asked to write down the zodiac sign you belong to, the birth date, the date of your birth, and the time of day it occurred, then you will have to draw a horizontal line from the center of the sign to the center of your horoscope chart.

Then, if the number is higher than the number on the left, you will be said to be a sign of the corresponding sign. If the number is lower than the left, you are in the opposite sign, or if you are in the same sign as the number on the left but opposite from your birth date, you are a cardinal sign. The reason that the sign of the Horoscope is being used is because the zodiac sign represents the elements and the cardinal sign represent the planets.

It is important that you remember that both numerology and astrological charts can be found online. Many people who have never used these charts before have found that they are extremely useful. In fact, it could be the key to unlocking your past and future. In most cases, you will need to read more than one such chart in order to find out the true answer to your question. However, once you have read one, the answer to any question that you may have will be apparent.